Sunshine Coast Pinks Strain

Sunshine Coast Pink


🚩Up to 20-23% THC🚩Sunshine Coast Pinks is a Kush strain that derives its genetics from two famous parents; the OG Kush and G-13. This Indica-dominant hybrid gives you great a great high after a single hit. This award winner of the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup is a hybrid ratio of Sativa 10% to Indica 90%. Sunshine Coast Pinks bears bright green buds covered by numerous pink hairs and a blanket of sugary trichomes. The nugs of Sunshine Coast Pinks emit a sweet fragrance, and when burnt, you feel the sweet flowery and candy flavour of its smoke.The high that Sunshine Coast Pinks brings is powerful and gives you intense physical relaxation soothing you into a deep sleep. Smoking small quantities of this potent Cannabis alleviates pain, insomnia, appetite loss and depression. 

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